We are Ragebite not PixieSquad!

Hey guys,

Today I am glad to make this announcement in front of you and I feel blissful to have the chance to share this information. As of now we undergoing a few changes to our overall structure. Long story short, we have created a new stronger, sharper brand image for our overall work in the eSports & gaming world. Check out www.ragebite.com

First of all, before you start reading this, you NEED to do one thing haha. That’s to visit our behance presentation here, in order to get a better insight and feel. I promise after viewing the presentation everything below will make perfect sense.

Let me help you elaborate what exactly Ragebite is, it’s not only a cool name but something much more. Maybe this quote will help you set things in stone like it did for us!

Ragebite is a small independent studio based in Belgrade – Serbia, established with a main goal to provide various solutions for eSports and gaming industry. Our vision is to develop the best products which will make an impact for the future of the gaming and eSports industry. Ragebite is lead by passion and our vision to leave a mark on the world, we all have been passionate since we were young. Established in the late 2016 Ragebite (Previously known as a PixieSquad) has more than 1000 eSports organizations in its portfolio. We have worked on various projects, developed completely new systems for competitive gamers, esports tournaments and much more. Lead by vision, supported by youth, enthusiasm and energy we will make a huge step into the bright future for all gamers.

Why did we make this decision? We just felt as something was not in it’s rightful place, like you know when you misplace a file or not name it correctly. Well this was fixed, we created Ragebite. This helps us be more effective, precise in-front of our clients, public and before all ourselves.

I invite you to check our new website www.ragebite.com and see the full story behind us as a team. Here you’ll be able to find our projects, our story who we are and what we do. Plus you’ll find out who’s doing the magic exactly! As far as the website design and development goes, I think we’ve made a unique approach to this one with the inverted scroll and the in general idea for the scroll to be inverted. In order to get a feel about what I’m talking, you now have to visit the website!


I bet your wondering, what’s happening now with PixieSquad, don’t be worry, everything stays still the same. PixieSquad in some terms shares the main goal of ours, just on a more specified way. We will continue to create super awesome themes for WordPress, as we’re in love with the journey we have on ThemeForest. Also let me quote our updated description for PixieSquad, this will finally set your mind at ease.

PixieSquad is a division of Ragebite studio, with a goal to provide the best WordPress themes for eSports and Gamers.
In the end I’m super excited to get some comments, feedback about our decision and overall presentation of Ragebite! We’ll always love and nurture PixieSquad with true hard work and effort, but it’s time to move on to bigger things!

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