“R”efresh – introduction to the new Ragebite logo.

Today we’re announcing something very vast and exciting for all of us here at Ragebite. That’s the change of our logotype. Don’t get us wrong, our old logo was great, and we loved it.

When change is at hand, everyone has a different perspective and take on this. If you change something it shouldn’t be done just for the sake of change, you should focus on what you’re achieving with the difference and why. So let us explain why we chose to evolve the logo of Ragebite and what new effects the change will bring.

Okay so, here’s a few words from our designer Danijel Stamenić. He will be explaining to you the process and reasons why this evolution was necessary.

So Danijel, what caused the Ragebite logo to change in the first place?

– Before all, the main reason for the change is that the fist as a symbol has been simply overused in all industries over the last few years. At the beginning of Ragebite itself, it was essential for us to get noticed and so the fist with a robust red color and a defined font has undoubtedly made a significant impact on people from the gaming world.

The fist is one of the symbols of revolution, resistance. In our case, this was a revolution for something better and to enhance the Esports & gaming world on a global level.

In the end, we didn’t want to be tied with any movements, so it was time for us to move on forward. To adjust our visual identity to be in the spirit of the time.

I’d like to present to you our new, somewhat expected, logo. In comparison with the previous logo, this one is a lot more modest, grateful for branding on different surfaces as you can see on the example below. Where shrinking down on the original logo was fine until 32px after which point it started to lose in quality, however, the new logo even at the size of 16px maintains a pixel-perfect quality.

One more thing that I’d like to add in and this is the main reason why we changed up our logo as it is right now. I’ll try to sum it up with one word, application.

The new logo is far more applicable to any surface than the old one was. It also has a bigger meaning for the studio’s name “Ragebite”. Now I’d like to present to you a small grid of applications on different color combinations and background examples of where you can see the logo is taped on.

This occasion was a good enough reason to get a new flashy neon sign for our office. Just look at these two developers smiling about it.

Anywho, all of you are busy people, and I would not like to bore you with more facts here. We just want to let you know that this logo will be applied in the rightful places and you can expect to see more new appliances.

Thank you for reading and as always your opinion is valuable to us! So share your thoughts below.

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