Ragebite undertaking a new brand image, visual identity & website

For the last several months we’ve been hinting to everyone that a new image is coming for Ragebite. You can’t imagine how hyped we are to share this with you finally!

Not only are we launching our new brand today, our website got overhauled and updated on the following link: https://ragebite.com

The reason behind our decision?

During the last several years, we have grown as a studio in several ways. Starting from the clients, projects, and lastly our vision for the future – everything has changed and scaled to a new level. In the upcoming period, we have announced the release of our first official product named – Playbase.GG (an instant solution to host an Esports platform) coming out in Q4 2021. This means Ragebite is slowly but surely evolving on all fronts as our ideals are coming to a pass.

The representation we got from our brand image wasn’t cutting it anymore. We have always emphasized that we’re young, energetic, and FRESH in our line of work. The urge existed in all of our team members that we can better communicate who we are and what we do.

Revolving around Esports &
competitive gaming

Since day one we have been in the same industry – Esports & competitive gaming, however, how we reflect on that industry has changed over time. We started out simple – creating WordPress themes up to complex competitive gaming platforms used by thousands of gamers worldwide. It brings great joy to see that through our work we improve the player experience and help to define it. We’re confident to say that our future product will definitely be a new margin and the start of a new era hopefully not only for players but for competition organizers as well.

Updated Ragebite’s home

To better display our new image it was necessary for us to overhaul our portfolio website completely so it may properly reflect current to date work, type of services we offer, and what we’re about. You may find a link to our new site here:

Fresh start

Our passion, energy, and dedication to our work have always been the secret weapons in overcoming the challenges that come our way. Moving forward, our new brand better expresses our vision of the work we do and our commitment to Esports.

We know you agree! Thank you for being part of our journey so far!

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