Ragebite’s official showreel for 2021

We’d like to share with you an exciting project we’ve been working on during the summer. It’s our official showreel for 2021 that captures our previously completed or ongoing projects. Working on this surely kept us moving through the hot and sunny days!

Presenting to you our showreel video for 2021

Without further ado, the showreel is consisted out of the following projects:

01 Dazzardo – Social crypto gambling platform

Ragebite has been inquired to produce a brand, design a platform, and code it for a startup company named Dazzardo. In short, Dazzardo is a betting platform where you predict the rise and fall of a cryptocurrency, based on the prediction you gain valuables prizes in return!

Learn more about Dazzardo – Social crypto gambling platform on this link.

02 Sportdollars – Player to Player Esports platform

This project is Ragebite’s way of stepping onto the African market. Sportdollars is an Esports platform focused on 1 vs. 1 gameplay for games such as NBA 2k21, FIFA 21, Madden, NHL, and similar. Players challenge each other for real money through wager matches. It will be released by the end of 2021 in a public beta.

If you’re curious to see what type of work we did for Sportdollars – player to player Esports platform check this link.

03 Playbase.GG – A product by Ragebite to instantly host an Esports platform

Playbase.GG is an upcoming B2B product built in-house by Ragebite. This product allows you instantly to host an Esports platform. It is a great way to venture into the Esports industry from a business point of view and to start building a gaming community. The product is expected to come out in Q4, 2021.

Subscribe today at https://playbase.gg or join us on Discord at https://discord.com/invite/gECFbh4Ama

04 Playbeyond.com – A competitive gaming platform for Logitech G.

The playbeyond.com or Beyond Entertainment platform has been in development since early 2019 up till late 2020. It has the ability to host large ladder events with thousands of gamers, besides that they also compete on leaderboards for several weekly or monthly prizes.

Check out the neat Playbeyond – a competitive gaming platform for Logitech G project page at this link.

05 Ragebite’s new website – Refresh!

Not so long ago we’ve refreshed our brand image and website. We’re definitely proud of the results and how it looks. A lot of team effort, thought, and time has been dedicated to making this website live.

All in all, we really had fun making this video as we wanted to show you what comes out of the Ragebite kitchen since we don’t do that very often. GGWP!

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