Playbase.GG – an instant solution for a competitive gaming platform

We’re announcing a new product built in-house by us and named Playbase.GG. At first glance, it will help you scale up your hosting tournaments or leagues to a new level with just one-click. All the tools you need to run a healthy business in the Esports ecosystem.

What are the pain points for everyone wanting to host their own competitive gaming platform?

Venturing in this business isn’t easy, well up till now. To start off your very own platform you’re going to need a serious budget ready and you’re looking at least months of development.

On the other hand, if you wish to use ready solutions you’re going to get really limited in terms of functionalities and mostly you’ll be bound to the host company with no ability to go out on your own. How does Playbase.GG solve all of the above for you?

Core features that make Playbase.GG stand out as a go-to product in the industry

While developing Playbase.GG we’ve carefully studied to answer all needs you would need to run a successful competitive gaming platform and we present the following core features:

  • Grow your community – Our product allows your players to register their own account with a dedicated player profile that will gather all data generated on the platform. Well, not only that but there also more tools available to make the social aspects bigger and your players stay on your platform.
  • Host tournaments – You’re able to fire up a tournament of your choice, a single or even a double-elimination bracket system. The tournament system is able to receive registration from players and let them form teams in order to join the bracket. The system is followed by its very own set of pages that inform the teams about all tournament specifications such as rules, prizes, dates, playoff-style, and so on…
  • Organize leagues – Leagues are a form of competition, where teams clash on the standings for a set amount of time. The top places on the standings table are league winners, where you have the freedom to decide how many winners will there be, 1, 2, 4, or 8 etc. This also comes with its own page system notifying the participants of all league related information necessary to successfully compete.
  • Premium players – Your platform needs to be community-driven and as a community, they will support you as you’re giving them a home to compete on. So we’ve introduced a form of support – premium player membership. Any player will be able to subscribe and for subscribing they will receive cool perks!
  • Sell your merch – This is a nice addition to all more business-oriented people that want to be able to get in a bigger profit margin by creating events. You’re able to be fully creative in terms of what type of products you want to see here.

Limited time offer – Subscribe and get a discount

We have faith in building a relationship with our potential clients early on and those who choose to support us will be rewarded! Until February 28th, 2021 you will be able to receive a one-time offer and get inserted into our early bird program.

All you need to do is sign up with your email on this link: and we’ll be in touch with the rest. The early bird program will feature beta access to the first version of the product + a lifetime discount. Pretty cool huh?

Roadmap – The journey

As a product, this is still in development and as such it’s nearly 63% ready. We’re aiming for this product to be released in Q4 2021.

To get a more clear picture of what we’re doing feel free to check our website for updates or join our Discord to be included even in the development process. What’s stopping you from making sure that this product can be custom-tailored just for you?


To summarize, we’re still a few steps from being live but Ragebite will continue the grind! Playbase.GG is your future chance to grasp a premium product to advance your business in the Esports ecosystem. The final takeaway is the following:

  • One-click and ready solution
  • A guaranteed opportunity to be your own independent business
  • Access to hosting tournaments or leagues
  • Equipped with tools to grow your community
  • On-hand support for your issues
  • Regular product updates
  • Crafted by a studio with over 5 years of experience in the market

Words can’t express our emotions and the level of hype that we have… Our part is almost done and it’s… your move?

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