Build an Esports platform with Playbase.GG instantly! Organize Esports leagues, grow a community.

The long-awaited Playbase.GG is live! We here at Ragebite have launched our MVP in November. The journey has begun in early 2020 when Playbase.GG was just a near idea, now it has taken its first form and shape that we are immensely proud of to have accomplished.

Playbase.GG – We deliver Esports platforms instantly!

Playbase.GG is a solution to host an Esports platform instantly. Have your very own branded Esports platform hosted on a custom domain of your choosing. Organize leagues and build a community all with the dedicated tools available. No need to wait for years of development or pay high development costs. All of this has been made available for just a monthly subscription starting from $99/month.

If you’re not still sure what Playbase.GG is, watch this explainer video to help you understand:

Forming Playbase.GG as a solution to a pattern problem

Ragebite has come down to an idea for Playbase.GG back in 2020 when multiple customers expressed a concern that developing an Esports platform takes up a high budget and the development time is quite pressing. This is where Ragebite noticed a common pattern and an actual void in the Esports industry, where a solution like this wasn’t present at all.

In early 2021 Ragebite has announced Playbase.GG is an upcoming product with a public roadmap. Development of a Discord began to take shape with many product surveys that made the initial MVP which has been released in November as planned.

The initial release was processed as an early access phase, where the product was made available to 30 people. The slots were filled after just 8 days with quite the pressure to Playbase.GG to make the product open to anyone. Today, Playbase.GG is officially in open beta!

Enhancing the Esports industry with Playbase.GG – a glance into the future

The release of the MVP in November was just the first stop for Playbase.GG! The current customer base acquired serves as a great way to get feedback in order to further improve the product and bring overall stability. The new roadmap has been released which presents future goals regarding new features and updates being made. Things like game API integrations, tournaments, and other quality of life things that will help automate the process of running an Esports platform.

Also, more ways are being developed as we speak on how the product can be applied. One of the many ideas is to promote and make it more suitable for Esports college leagues as that is beginning to really have traction. The end goal is to make Playbase.GG is a full ecosystem where people will have all the tools available to thrive in the Esports industry from a business point of view.


To recap, this is a great solution for anyone that wants to enter the Esports industry, to test out the market painlessly, or for organizers that want to take their hosting of competitions to a next level. The platform supports a competitive scene for all players levels (from amateur to pro).

Visit for more info! Also, don’t forget to join Playbase.GG’s Discord community at to engage in topics regarding the Esports industry!

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