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What’s up!

Nowadays it’s quite normal to fire up your favorite game in the evening and have a good laugh with a couple friends. However, when it comes to Esports games it’s more about the competition and the way people compete has been slightly updated.

If you’re a gamer that’s at least bit competitive and you like going for high ranks, rewards or to fight the big fish you must have heard about this before.

What’s a competitive gaming platform you ask?

That is a type of platform/website that users register to in order to play against other users/teams etc. This can be either through a single match, tournament or a league. It all depends on the platform at hand. Behind each victory users most likely find themselves with a reward ( sometimes it’s even real money at stake ).

What type of games can I expect to find on such a platform?

In most cases, you will see in about 2-10 games on each platform & in most cases, they’re the biggest game titles when it comes to Esports so you’ve probably heard about each game before. The most common games that you will find are CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite & Apex Legends ( since recently ). However, there are other games that are still popular like Street Fighter, Tekken, FIFA, etc.

Impact on Esports from competitive platforms

These kinds of web applications already have a huge impact on Esports and as such it’s going to do very well in the long run. So far they’ve proven to help in the following manner:

  • Connecting players from all over the world with one sole purpose & that’s an appreciation for competing in Esports.
  • Forming up and making professional players out of amateurs
  • Bringing more funds to the Esports industry
  • More tournaments & leagues are being hosted worldwide
  • Skillful players have a chance to get some real cash rewards
  • They will strengthen the heart of the community

Game on!

In my opinion, the most important system on the whole platform is the progression system. A good thought-out system like this will make sure that your players never leave your platform as they’ll be too busy thinking on how to get to the next rank.

The most common progression system is ELO. ELO is a number that is based on a player’s skill level, calculating and taking into account multiple factors. In the end, ELO gives us the closest actual evaluation of how skilled one player is. To some of you, the words:” bronze, silver, gold, diamond” etc., have a bigger meaning as that’s how most platforms sort their certain ranged groups ( i.e. 1200-1400 = silver )

Battle Royale

The most popular game genre in 2017 & 2018 was Battle Royale. It’s quite normal for us to start seeing titles from this genre slowly accumulating itself in competitive platforms. Some platforms have these games integrated with an API meaning they’re able to get real-time statistics pinged back from the game servers. I’m pretty excited to see this part evolve as we head on further!

Stronger the community, the stronger the platform

If you can see what some of the platforms that have been coming out lately are focusing on is the social aspect of the entire system. They do this by inserting some of the factors from social media networks. Besides the chat, we have the activity feed, player/user feed & community forums. These are the tools for any administration to receive feedback about their project and get proper help to take things on the next level. This is how most new features are decided and inserted. By listening to the community allowing for a great & long-lasting relationship.


As much as it is enjoying to play a game, it’s almost as fun to watch your favorite team take on their biggest competitor into a fierce match. Things get heated as you were watching basketball, soccer if not more.

What’s becoming a thing right now that every other player who is even serious about going big & pro is streaming themselves play. In most cases, it will be streaming how he plays a tournament/league on a platform like this. So in order for a platform to be updated, it must support this as the benefit from it is going to be huge. It’s going to be good in the short run, but it’s going to be great in the long run.

Current competition

When it comes to competition right now there is a lot of options. Some of the platforms emphasize focusing only on one or two games, some have over 20 games. Let’s see what each competitor has to offer in short terms:

Faceit – This platform has a focus on three games: CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG. Right now at its state, it is one of the leading platforms in this area with a user base over 15 million. The strongest point that Faceit has going on for itself except the huge user base is their progression system amongst their users, even though it has room for improvement. – One thing that the good folks from never seize to do is to keep this platform up to date at all times. Recently they did a refresh on their design and system. What really caught my eye is the reward system that they have for users that accomplish the first four places in a competition allowing them to place ticket entries in a raffle. Although there could be people that may judge them for trying to convert Esports looks & design to a white/lighter base. Whether this will work for them or backfire we’ll have to see. – Clean. First association whenever this platform is mentioned. It’s hip, it’s easy to use & that’s what users need. Instead of focusing only on two-three games, they have a slightly larger one with four games and those game titles are currently dominating. However, while it’s clean & easy, that’s the problem. They’re in dire need of a user progression system update or a better reward system to be installed. Because at the end of the day what a true gamer wants is to feel appreciated by the community for his well-doing.

To be honest with you, I could go all day about other platforms, such as Toornament, Gamersaloon, Worldgaming, UMG Gaming. As I said before the competition is rough and it is only going to get rougher. Do you want to know why? Because Esports is only going to expand more & it has been expanding rapidly, so it is only natural that so much competition is there in the first place. Esports is the future.

Don’t forget that we have introduced some competitors ourselves by building out the platforms for them such as UGC Esports, Cracken Esports & we are currently working on more ways to keep contributing. Stay tuned for this!

Insight into the future

What I’ve said before that Esports is growing at a rapid pace is no joke. New games are being introduced on a monthly basis, the fight for top game title keeps going, however, there are a few games that have set down their roots and are only defining Esports as we know it. This definition certainly applies to competitive gaming & platforms. So my opinion is that while everyone will strive to bring in new features, the current features & playout formats will be more strictly cut out and prewritten.

I’m really looking forward to making a recap of this article in a year or so again! Thanks for bearing with me so far.

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