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I’d like to introduce you to a new product that we here at Ragebite are very fond of and proud – Chest.GG – Creative marketplace for gamers & Esports

The Esports industry is growing at a rapid pace, we’d like to contribute to that growth from a creative point of view. At this moment, there are new players venturing into games searching out and forming teams, some of them have dedicated themselves to streaming and so on. All of the mentioned individuals will be in need of graphical creative goods, well we are here to provide them with a solution that’s tailored to suit their needs with Chest.GG. With this introduction, without further ado, here it goes!

Before you continue with the post, visit Chest.GG. We have released an upcoming landing page for the product and make sure to subscribe to the email list so you could stay informed about the project’s development, promotions or future giveaways!

What is Chest.GG?

Chest.GG is an upcoming creative marketplace in the Esports & Gaming industry for individuals, teams, organizations, streamers and players or fans who are in a need of creative goods. Ranging from logos for Esports teams to fully decked out brands, stream overlays or any graphical gaming asset that comes to mind.

The current focus is on logo development and populating the library with an array of all sorts of assets. We will also be introducing a bundle system, where you’ll have full access to Chest.GG’s library for a certain cost, this part will be elaborated on as we move forward with the development of Chest.GG.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to join the Discord server: https://discord.gg/6Rpx39F

Features and possibilities of Chest.GG

To make the clients of Chest.GG feel more pleasant whilst doing their shopping, six-core features have been introduced to help this goal out.

  • Extensive library – To let our customers be able to have a wide range of products, different types of categories or styles.
  • Instant delivery – Whenever a purchase is made you receive the deliverables instantly! There is no time like the present.
  • Crafted for gamers – The products are crafted by hand-selected authors that come from an Esports & gaming background. This ensures top-notch quality.
  • Bundle access – You will find that we always drive a fair bargain! Get access to our library with the bundle system that we have prepared.
  • High-quality Assets – The work you purchase is verified and went through a quality assurance process to ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction!
  • Make it your own – We want clients to have the products purchased adapted for their own personal usage

Opportunity for graphic designers, not only gamers

Chest.GG is looking for creative minds, graphic designers, for the upcoming Esports marketplace! 

If you’re looking to expand your sales reach and if you want to increase your client conversion, then seek no further! Working by Chest.GG’s side your work will have a direct impact on the Esports & Gaming industry. Chest.GG is your perfect opportunity to achieve this.

Feel free to apply by visiting this link here.

Defining the depths of Chest.GG and goal

The current goal is to continue with work on developing the first version of the marketplace and enabling all of the features above. Once again, we invite anyone willing to help and make suggestions on our Discord server so that once we release the product – we have a more satisfying and user-friendly environment. If you subscribe to our newsletter, we will invite you to help us out with the testing and give you early-bird access to the system.

The end goal is for us here at Ragebite to make Chest.GG a safe marketplace with a wide range of products that will be applicable and easily suited to everyone’s needs. This is only the start and the announcement, yet everything feels so mesmerizing and exciting.

Follow Chest.GG on Instagram and Twitter for more updates!


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